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The Quantum Spiritual Force (QSF) is an independent body that works in Gaia's morphogenetic field to support the divine plan, and more specifically the GWS project in its optimization of incarnate and disincarnate Humanity's ascension to higher densities.
As indicated by the Gematria, it is the 7th Fleet.
QSF supports all actions undertaken to help Gaia, Humanity and the ongoing ascension process.
QSF doesn't need to shine. It works tirelessly every week with Faith and Benevolence. Since 2022, we've been asked to reveal ourselves a little more through operatives and Alliances, which we do with both joy and seriousness.
QSF has therefore launched the Ring Community and Water Community operations within the NGO Celestial Alliances.
It will continue to work and propose new national and international operations as the Gematria received from the Inner Beings indicate.




QSF is the seventh fleet 366

Supporting the plan and humanity 366


The divine plan is unfolding perfectly 324

QSF makes up the seventh fleet 324

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The Ring Community gathers in high-vibrational places (chapel, church, dolmen, menhir...) to work using a quantum technology transmitted by the Higher Selves called the Golden Ring (see map received from the Higher Selves after the text).

Rather than going our separate ways, we propose to work together on the same date and in the same time slot, putting aside our differences.

These operations are intended for those who wish to work for the greater good of all, and enable Humanity to raise its consciousness and move towards a more welcoming world, recognized by the star nations as a type 1 civilization (i.e. able to exchange with other benevolent beings from elsewhere).

Each participating Lightworker receives a protocol to help them with their operative, and is guided step by step right up to the day of the operation, when everyone comes together in quantum space thanks to technology, while working close to home.

It's an opportunity to step out of 3D life for a moment and immerse ourselves in a new way of doing things, in new 4th density paradigms (or 5th dimension as many call it).

These operations are systematically carried out in collaboration with our friends from the stars and other benevolent celestials, usually invisible to our inexperienced eyes, with whom we nevertheless have numerous photos providing the material evidence needed to gain confidence and become aware that our world is changing and that it's time to prepare for these new encounters.

It's the open hearts and open minds of the artisans of light that make these encounters possible, and it's their faith, perseverance and determination that make all these incredible photos possible.

Many thanks to all the volunteer missionaries who are answering the call and working on a process that goes beyond 3rd density!

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The Ring is a psycho-spiritual protocol that uses an energy we produce in a specific state of consciousness and intention: the energy of the heart.

Heart energy is the most powerful of energies. It's the secret of the Sacred Heart and the principle used for ascension. Heart energy is extremely powerful radiation. The Ring is the passage of an infinitely loving, intelligent fluid through a vortical structure called the heart chakra. It's the power of the energy that passes through the heart chakra, because every chakra is a vortex. It's a science. The science of the heart Source (the infinitely loving intelligent). In a state of compassion, the heart can emit infinite, inexhaustible energy.

When this fluid is injected into a ring and accelerated as in a particle gas pedal, it's like spinning the Source in a ring. It's the most powerful technology in existence. Nothing can resist it.

It's important to understand, however, that it only works if you're radiating compassion, peace, harmony and positive emotions. If you're in low frequency, the radiation won't work. By emitting compassion and positive emotions, you enter into cardiac coherence. You are then in harmony with the universe. In science, this is called phase conjugation resonance. You feel the bioplasmic flow activate and you feel love.

This technology cannot be used by a predatory civilization.

The ring has the property of returning the energies you send out. If you send out love or peace, it comes back to you. God's ray returns multiplied to the emitter and rebounds like a boomerang to the universe. God's ray is just. It multiplies the state.

It must therefore be practiced with respect, with a pure heart (i.e. in service to others and with an honest intention for the greater good of all) and this, no matter what acts you've committed (we don't care what you've done before). It's the purity and sincerity of your intentions here and now that count.

This psycho-spiritual technology will accelerate the manifestation of our intentions to support humanity and volunteer missionaries. It will act on France and the world by sending out a wave like a deflagration of love (that free energy which passes through the heart and produces a perception we call love).


Last June, the Moi Supérieur asked for the creation of the Water Community.

The Water Community not only works on the Earth's water through alchemical processes, but also prepares the human body for the necessary changes linked to the Earth's rising vibrations and frequencies.

Its aim is to support Humanity and the planet Gaia in its process of evolution of consciousness and preparation for the events that will lead it to a 4th Density collective state of consciousness. 

The Water Community works essentially with water and nature, cleansing and activating according to messages received from the Higher Self. 

For these field operations, Lightworkers are asked to work close to flowing water (sea, river, stream, spring, natural fountain, etc.). Any water point where the water flows towards the oceans as an end point (not a closed circuit such as a city fountain, pond, etc.) and to work according to objectives transmitted in advance and accompanied by a protocol for those who wish to do so.

Let's not forget that water has extraordinary capacities, and that all water ends up in the oceans, which communicate with each other.
Now is the time for unity of action and thought. The Water Community therefore works together to use water as a catalyst and amplifier for our joint actions.

The Water Community is involved in the practical training of Jedis, who connect with the Force to use their talents and power to serve the greatest number of people during these operatives. It is totally complementary to the Ring Community.

We'd like to extend our deepest thanks to all the volunteer missionaries / incarnate Djedis who are taking part in programming the water for a large-scale quantum alchemical work!

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Ondine du Rhin

Ondine de la Seine

Ondine de la Loire

Ondine de la Garonne

Ondine du Rhône