Heavenly Alliances

May peace prevail on Earth and in the Universe





Welcome to all!

Welcome friends! Welcome to all!

Humans, non-humans, from here or elsewhere, it is with sincere joy that I have accepted the role of Helmswoman and Pilot within the French branch of Celestial Alliances International and to organize and help prepare our beautiful civil human civilization to move from a type 0 protoplanetary civilization to a type 1 planetary civilization.

I invite all those who have their sights set on sincere friendships with benevolent exobiological beings and a future to build together to get closer to us.

I invite any benevolent entity who sincerely wishes to establish friendly relations with the humanity of our beautiful planet Gaia and why not, collaborate, share, teach and help our civilization to progress in its process of evolution and galactic knowledge to manifest itself to us.

You will all be welcomed and listened to with respect and brotherhood.

In peace of heart and mind,

Annick AWD

Steering & Coordination of Celestial Alliances France


A unique NGO in the world, which is part of the vast plan of the Universe!

The purpose of the Celestial Alliances International is to promote a serious strategy of predictable relations between terrestrial humans and members of civilizations of an exobiological nature in order for both parties to benefit from mutual aid of a humanitarian, philosophical, medical, energetic and technological nature under the aegis of a fair and efficient mediation.

This mediation action could lead, in the long run, to the unification of all the peoples of the planet Earth.

This mediation will be developed and deployed through conferences, workshops, meetings, trips, congresses, field trips and any other appropriate means.