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May peace prevail on Earth and in the Universe

Sortie Terrain – Activation des hauts lieux d’énergie “plateau des idoles”

Activations of high energy places in active collaboration with benevolent galactics .

Towards the higher dimension of consciousness-density: New revelations for 2023-2024.

 Thanks to recent cartographic discoveries and serious testimonies, there are source domes and arches of light that allow us to explore certain quantum dimensions of consciousness and interact with our luminous future.


Col de Vence contacts : Les mystères du « plateau des idoles » , porte ouverte vers d’autres dimension et contacts avec des galactiques et en option une veillée contact ovni…jusqu’à 24 H OO si le temps le permet
Appointment 1O H OO - 1O H 3O
Walking shoes, picnic, optional quartz crystal
Contribution to organization costs: 20 euros per day and person



The event is finished.


Sep 10, 2023


10 a.m. - 6:30 p.m.

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